Repair Your Smile with Crowns and Dentures in Kitchener

Even if you brush regularly, you might have a hard time avoiding dental decay. Injury, illness, and genetics can lead to broken or even missing teeth.

Fortunately, you can repair and refresh your smile with dentures, bridges, and dental crowns in Kitchener. Consult with Dr. Mona Soliman to determine which option would match your personal circumstances.

Crowns replace the tops of broken and rotten teeth to protect the rest of the tooth. These tooth-shaped caps fit over the sensitive roots of teeth, preserving them from harm. You can receive a crown in Kitchener as a part of many procedures including:



Bridges fill individual gaps in your smile. They consist of a false tooth that attaches to two or more anchoring teeth on either side of the gap. To minimize wear on the anchoring teeth, we will cap these teeth with a crown. With a bridge, you'll be able to redistribute the forces in your bite as well as prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of position.


Dentures replace several lost or decayed teeth. You can receive partial or complete dentures, depending on how many teeth you have lost. If you receive complete dentures, our dentist will remove any unhealthy teeth and anchor your dentures on a few implants. If you receive partial dentures, we will use your remaining teeth and bridges to secure the replacements.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Schedule Your Next Appointment

If you have lost teeth or have extensive tooth decay, you can restore your smile with any of these treatments. Visit with Dr. Soliman to receive a consultation for replacing missing teeth. Together, you can decide if a crown, bridge, or dentures would help you. Call (519) 896-8008 to set up an appointment.


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