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Kitchener’s Reliable Dental Clinic for Fillings

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Dental filling is a treatment to restore tooth damaged by decay. After the filling procedure, you may experience thermal sensitivity for a few days or weeks. If sensitivity persists for long or is more severe than just mild or hurts when you chew on the tooth, call Dr. Soliman for an emergency dental checkup.

When decay reaches the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, we try to "direct pulp cap", sometimes allowing the pulp to heal itself. But, if the pulp was infected by the decay, a root canal treatment may be needed. Any pin build-up filling should have a crown placed over it as soon as possible. Your gums may be slightly sore, but don't let this deter you from practicing dental care at home.

Manitou Dental Centre

Family Dentistry

Bring your child to our clinic for their first dental visit.

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