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Effective Root Canal Treatment in Kitchener

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Root canal, also known as endodontics, is the treatment of diseased dental pulp tissue inside the tooth that includes:

  Removal of inflamed or infected pulp
  Cleaning of the root canal
  Filling and sealing of the space

A crown or other restoration of the tooth completes the process. When the pulp inside the root canal of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected, endodontic treatment is necessary. In case of inflammation or infection, contact Manitou Dental Centre in Kitchener for root canal treatment.

Causes of Inflammation or Infection:

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Crack or chip in the tooth
Deep decay
Injury to a tooth
Loose or cracked filling

Root Canal Therapy (Post-operative Instructions)

If you just had root canal therapy, you may experience some tenderness. This is expected and may last a few days or weeks. Ensure you take medications exactly as prescribed. If you are experiencing swelling, fever or severe pain, please call Dr. Soliman promptly. The treated tooth should have a crown (cap) placed over it to restore shape and esthetics (appearance) for stability. The temporary filling placed in the tooth will break down quickly and therefore a more stable-type filling is required. It may require a build-up or post beforehand to create a stump for a crown.

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